How to apply

When applying Admire Me Glamour 3D Mink Lashes we suggest:

1. Trimming the lash band to fit the base of your eyes. You can do this by measuring where the lash reaches the end of your natural lash band, then trim the excess off of the OUTER tip of the lash band.

2. Use a very thin layer of your favorite lash glue, preferably one that dries black, making sure to have enough product on the TIPS of the lash band.

3. Use regular plucking tweezers, for precision application, to apply 3D Mink Lashes as close to your natural lash band as possible. Be sure not to set them directly over your natural eyelashes, this could cause damage to your natural lashes when they are removed.

4. After removing, place them back into the Admire Me Glamour lash box, with or without acrylic tray, to avoid misplacing them and to increase longevity.

Bonus Tip!

If you have really curly natural eyelashes try using your opposite hand to gently hold down your natural eyelashes so you can see exactly where to place the falsies and to avoid having your natural lashes glued under the falsies.